Dream Analysis in English

What Do Closed Spaces Herald?

Is it an occasional dream? Is it triggered by the unconscious?

Or is it a harbinger?

Seeing a hospital

Hospitals are one of the most terrifying places to dream about. Yet, there is actually no need to fear. If you have someone close who has been hospitalized, if you are in health care business or if you have recently read some news on hospitals, your dream is a record your memory has saved.

Otherwise, it means that you are recovering and you need help. If it is a harbinger, it foretells the potential health problems you or someone close might experience soon.

If you are seeing yourself in a prison, it means you are experiencing certain limitations regarding your life, you want to expand your horizon but you don’t have the freedom and you are living your life like a prisoner.

It is also possible that a crime you committed consciously or unconsciously in the past demands to be resolved through the symbol of a prison.

Educational institutions like university and school point to a thirst for knowledge one is experiencing if she is not a student anymore. If your education has been interrupted for some reason, these symbols could be showing your past desires and unfulfilled needs. It also means that you are ready for new developments.

If you are dreaming yourself in holy places like a mosque or a church, it is possible that you may be recently thinking about religion a lot. These dreams could also be underlining your withdrawal from everyday life and reveal that you are in a process of personal development and spiritual healing.

Dreams about closed spaces are those that define our resources and help us come up with a new direction. Read these signals well, and let your spiritual journey be enlightened.

Stay with love.


Does Incubus Really Exist?

The experiments conducted on sleeping people reveal rapid movements behind the eyelids during REM sleep. Brain waves during this time are not synchronized as they are while one is awake. It is also during REM phase of sleep that we dream.

Human beings spend all their time in the mothers’ womb in REM phase and dream constantly during this time. The time we spend dreaming decreases from birth to death.

Each person dreams 4 or 5 times every time she sleeps, even if she doesn’t remember them. Someone who hasn’t slept for 24 hours makes up for this lacking REM time in the following cycle. Someone who hasn’t slept for 2 or 3 days begins to have dreams while she is awake.

The physiological effects of activities that we experience in our dreams are the same as those in our everyday activities. Our brain sends signals to the muscles if we engage in activities like running, singing or escaping. “Locus Coeruleus” is the spot that stops these commands during REM sleep, so one cannot move even if she wants to.

This security system designed to protect us during sleep gives us the sense of paralysis while we are having disturbing dreams. We dream that we are unable to run or escape when we have to.

This sense of paralysis is experienced like a nightmare and those who wake up with an intense reaction to the phenomenon usually have the illusion of incubus.

You can still choose to believe incubus stories. But it is nothing more than a nightmare or a sleep disorder.

Sweet dreams…

Niobe (Aslı Temel)

The Lizard in your Dream Can Be Your Lover

If you have experienced intense distress in a dream, a powerful sorrow or joy, call the person you saw in your dream. The dream you have just had is probably a telepathic dream and the intense feelings of that person have reflected to you.

If the dream didn't have intense emotional intensity, then consider the feelings you have for that person, the positive and negative qualities of the role you have given to her and see how much of these qualities belong to you.

We often see people we don't like doing unpleasant things or through unpleasant symbols (the friend from work who is inclined upon conspiracy as a snake, the cheating lover as a lizard, the angry boss as the devil etc.)

Or we see the people we love through symbols such as babies, angels or other cute creatures.

If a person you haven't seen in a while has begun to appear frequently in your dreams, then it is possible that she needs you. Or there could be an unfinished business regarding your relationship such as a debt, a lie or a misunderstanding.

Another possibility is that you need the experiences you have had when you were in contact with this person.

We need to remember every name and picture in our dreams because those may harm or help us in the future. Or we could meet people with that name.

I saw Leonardo Di Caprio in my dream last night. The location was great, the colors were wonderful, Leonardo was incredible. But I didn't waste my time trying to come up with psychoanalytical or telepathic interpretations. I immediately thought of that old saying:

"Only in your dreams..."

My dream was for nothing, but I hope all your nice dreams will come true...

Niobe (Aslı Temel)